The best time to go fishing in the Gulf of Mexico

We often get a lot of questions from our guests about when is the best time to go fishing in Orange Beach or Gulf Shores.

Well, the truth is, any time is great time to go fishing in the Gulf of Mexico.

However, depending on what specifies of fish you're trying to catch, some times are better than others.


Available: Year round

Peak:  May to mid-September

Mahi Mahi

Available: June to October

Peak:  June


Available: Year round


Available: Seasonal (changes from year to year)

Yellowfin Tuna

Available: April to December

Peak:  June to July

Blackfin Tuna

Available: March to December

Peak:  late June to July

At Sea Hunter Charters, we cater each fishing trip depending on the season and what fish our guests are trying to catch.

Happy fishing!